• Michelle Simkins

Moving on in the New Year

Hello Friends, and Happy New Year. It’s been a long time since you heard from me, and I spent the fall reflecting on my goals and priorities as well as the fate of Hagstone Publishing. And after months of soul searching, I’ve decided it’s time for Hagstone Publishing to come to an end.

I’ve had an amazing four years of learning, and made so many lovely connections through the work I did with Hagstone. But in the end, publishing isn’t for me.

Practically speaking, what does this mean for you? Well that depends a bit on the nature of your relationship with Hagstone.

Writers: Any work you submitted to us, whether accepted, rejected, or never responded to, is 100% yours from now on. Feel free to do with it whatever you like, even if we have published it on the website or in Stone, Root, and Bone. And while we’re here, let me say what a pleasure it has been to work with you and read your words and learn from you. It was an absolute privilege.

Readers: Stone, Root, and Bone will be available on Etsy for a few more months, just in case you always wanted to get a copy but didn’t for some reason. I will be closing the shop by May 1, and if you want a copy after that, you’ll need to contact me through my personal website.

Knitters: All knitting patterns will continue to be available on Ravelry, and eventually on PayHip. I’ll announce when that happens on my personal website as well, so if you don’t want to miss it follow me over there.

Finally, an enormous, glowing, overwhelmed with love thank you to my editor, Kate Barber Bradford, without whom I could never have done any of the things I did with Hagstone. Miss Kate is an absolute gem and was such an essential part of this experience.

This has been a grand adventure. Thank you all for being part of it.

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