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Call for Submissions: Stone, Root, and Bone Issue Number 4

Snow Drop

Hagstone Publishing is pleased to announce submissions are open for Issue 4 of Stone, Root, and Bone: a quarterly ezine focused on earth-centered spirituality and magic. Issue 4 will be released near Lughnasadh 2020. Submissions will be open from now until 11:59 p.m. on July 1, 2020.

If you work deeply with nature and nature spirits in your spiritual and/or magical pursuits, we encourage you to submit your work. Full submission guidelines are outlined below.

We are also accepting limited advertising for businesses which we feel embrace our ideals: deep connection with the earth, restorative and regenerative ecological practices, and communion with the spirits around us. We have decided to include advertising to enable us to pay our contributors for their work. We will, however, carefully screen ads to be sure they are in harmony with the purpose of the publication. Visit our advertising page for full submission guidelines, rates, and file size requirements. Deadline for advertisements is also July 1, 2020.

Full Submission Guidelines

Please read ALL of the following details before submitting.

What we are looking for

  • Essays, poems, short stories, rituals, and other forms of writing focused on spirituality which is deeply rooted in relationship with the Gods, the living earth, and the spirits who inhabit her.

  • Explorations of day-to-day interaction with the spirits of nature in many forms.

We will not accept

  • Surface-level spells and rituals which treat nature as a commodity or as a source for “ingredients” and “correspondences”.

  • Pieces which celebrate cultural appropriation.

Further Expectations

  • If your work claims to describe or discuss traditional practices from a specific culture, please cite your source(s).

  • If your work describes your own participation in an indigenous tradition, we expect you to be a part of the indigenous culture to whom that tradition belongs. We will not accept pieces steeped in cultural appropriation of the spirituality or magic of indigenous or marginalized populations. Authors of color are especially encouraged to submit their work.

  • We don’t require academic or scholarly writing, but please be aware your work will be proofread rigorously. We will make every effort to preserve your writing style and voice, but we expect you to be comfortable with having your work edited. There is also a chance we will request partial rewrites for clarity before accepting your work for publication.

Submission Instructions

  • Prose pieces should be between 1,000 and 5,000 words.

  • Poetry should be less than 5 pages single-spaced.

  • Email your submission to submit@hagstonepublishing.com.

  • Use the subject line SRB SUBMISSION [YOUR NAME].

  • Include written submissions in the body of the email. We will not open attachments of writing. If your submission is long and you are concerned about the size of the email, send a query letter first, and we’ll make arrangements to read your full submission if we are interested.

  • Include a brief bio with your full name, preferred pronouns, and links to any websites or social media accounts you wish to share with our readers.

  • Attach artwork in a .jpg or .pdf file. No other file format will be opened.


We will pay a flat rate of $10 U.S. currency OR one 1/4 page ad space per accepted submission. Payment will be remitted via PayPal within 60 days of the anthology’s publication. Authors will also receive a digital copy of the issue of the ezine in which their work appears, and may request one additional copy for a family member or close friend.


Authors will retain the copyright to their work. Should we wish to use any portion of an author's work in the future, we will contact them to negotiate terms first.

Previously Published Work

We may accept pieces which have previously been published as part of a larger work, but we do not accept work which has previously been made available for free on line.

Please contact us with any questions.

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