• Michelle Simkins

Black Lives Matter

We’re writing today to state, in case there was any question, that Hagstone Publishing knows Black Lives Matter.

In fact, “mattering” is the bare minimum. Black lives don’t just MATTER. They are precious and vital. They bring joy and beauty to the world. They are essential.

Since we began our journey as a business, we’ve desired to make more room at the table for people of color, who are so often excluded from, or ignored and silenced in, the spaces we occupy: from movements for environmental justice, from neopagan spaces, from publishing.

Of course we realize this is an easy thing to say, and a lot of people are saying it right now. We realize that we’ve had far more white writers in our magazine than writers of color. But we will continue taking steps every day to bring more writers of color into our community so we can amplify their voices and widen their platform. Because we don’t think BIPOC writers should be shoved into a special interest niche, to be trotted out during black history month for performative solidarity. We feel it is a gift to have the voices of BIPOC writers alongside those of trans, queer, and disabled writers, in our publications.

We are a very small business, but we want to do our best to amplify the voices of BIPOC writers and artisans with what resources we have. To this end, we are offering free ad space in Stone, Root, and Bone to BIPOC business owners who run spiritual and earth-centered businesses, with an emphasis on very small businesses who will benefit most from a signal boost. If you are interested in this offer, please email us: info @ hagstonepublishing . com (but remove the spaces. They’re only there to discourage the bots and spammers.).

We are also, especially, urging BIPOC writers to submit your articles about your connection with the land. Not just for our upcoming issue, but always, for every issue in the future. The Land is for everyone, and everyone should be able to celebrate this connection safely and joyfully.

And we won’t stop trying to amplify BIPOC voices when the headlines and Twitter feeds go back to banana bread recipes and kitten videos. We know we won’t do it perfectly. We know we’ll make mistakes, and we have a lot to learn. But we won’t stop trying, and striving to do better. Because we know that every day, black lives are in danger from those who are supposed to protect and uphold the safety of our citizens, and it has to stop. We know that every day, BIPOC citizens are relegated to the fringes in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, and it has to stop. And we know Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and every single day. Let’s not stop working for justice and inclusion until there really is justice for all.

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