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Meet Your Plant Spirit Ally Challenge Co-Hosts

The Plant Spirit Ally Challenge begins in just a few days, so allow us to introduce you to your challenge co-hosts:

Sabbatha Bastet’s obsession with plant medicines and occult herbalism began with her love of literature and ancient tales. Classics and myths lined the bookshelves of her childhood home. The macabre ingredients used by Medieval Witches, Shakespeare’s Weird Sisters, the contents of Circe’s cup, and the deadly plants in Hecate’s garden inspired her to learn more. From this, she developed a passion for plants, gardening, medicinal herbs, and folklore. And the love of such things can easily lead one to Witchcraft. She lives in rural Kentucky with a carpenter, three cats, a lot of plants. Sabbatha is also the owner of The Botanic Witch, a small apothecary and art shop. She has practiced the craft for thirty years, and Western Herbalism for more than a decade. You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Jacqueline Durban is a writer, poet, hedgepriestess, tutu wearer, and a lover of everything that is soft bellied and smells of the wild earth. She believes that happiness and the seeing of beauty are radical acts of rebellion. She is a psychospiritual counsellor and has led workshops and spoken internationally on the Divine Feminine and connection to the land as sacred. Jacqueline’s inspirations include the world of foraging and folklore, the friendship of crows, the ‘feeling sense’ of words, hedgerows, canals and rivers, chalk landscapes, selkies, and everything about fungi and bees. She loves tea shops, deadnettles, tardigrades, glitter, herons, and cats, and has been described as a “word witch”, a "lovely black feathered thing", and "a magically delicious cup of toadstool tea”. Visit Jacqueline at her blog, on Twitter, or on Instagram.

December Fields-Bryant came up with the idea for this challenge, and helped create the list of daily activities. She is a folk herbalist, writer, and stay-at-home-mom. She began her journey after a severe allergic reaction and soon became passionate about the world of herbs and natural wellness. Today, most of her time is spent homeschooling her son, foraging and wild crafting herbal remedies, and writing. You can see more of her work at the Tea and Pumpkins Website, or visit Tea and Pumpkins on Twitter, Instagram, or Patreon.

Raven Greene is a hedge-dwelling hag hailing from South-East England. When they are not outside chatting with magpies and the local flora, they can be found writing wild poetry in the magic hour. They're interested in hedge and green witchery, along with Druidry, their favourite folks (lore, magic, herbalism and cunning)! You can find them in the landscape of Twitter and on Blogger.

M. A. Phillips, aka Grey Catsidhe, is an aspiring writer living in Northern New York with her husband, daughter, and three cats. She is an English teacher and Senior Druid of Northern Rivers Grove, ADF. Her religion and region inspire much of her writing. Her work has appeared in Oak Leaves and some of her art dolls have been in past ADF Artisan Guild shows. She is passionate about sewing and working with plants, and is delighted to take part in the Plant Spirit Ally Challenge. You can read more about her spiritual and creative journey on her blog and Instagram.

Chelsea Rose Rippel (AKA LucidRose) evokes mankind’s curious penchant of being equal parts seduced and repulsed by the unknowable, fantastical and weird. Her creature ladies haunt the viewer with hypnotic gazes, daring us to see our own hidden mystery and the way it connects all who live. Creating in acrylic paint, pen and ink and tea staining; Chelsea’s inspiration is a patchwork of ancient lore, fantasy and paranormal theory. Living in the misty Northwest hills of Portland, Oregon, Chelsea describes herself as a “silly little woman who loves to paint and drink tea.” When asked how her creative process begins and ends she has replied “I trust and follow the goose bumps.” View more of her work and get to know her better through Instagram, Twitter, or her website.

Julie Shelton is a green witch from Tulsa, Oklahoma who specializes in candle magic, pyromancy, and botanomancy. She’s been a practicing witch for over 15 years, following a Celtic Pagan path. Julie grew up in rural Oklahoma, reaching her deepest spiritual moments in the forest surroundings of her home. She has an affinity for tarot and oracle card readings, but her specialty is smoke and flame readings using pyromancy and botanomancy. She is currently educating herself in Druid Tree Lore and developing techniques to differentiate smoke and flame readings between several different plants, herbs, and flowers. Visit Julie on her website or Instagram to learn more about her.

As the owner and founder of CreativeJ Coaching, LLC, Jeni Weidenbenner is a word gardener and dream tender with a passion for writing, teaching, and transforming trauma. She creates safe spaces in her workshops and one on one sessions for exploring the wilds of imagination and planting lush soulscapes, and her coaching services help people bloom through career shifts and personal odysseys. Learn more about Jeni and her work through her website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Your co-hosts will be sharing inspiring and informative posts throughout the challenge. We’re so excited to be working with these talented individuals over the next thirty-plus days! Be sure to follow all your co-hosts on social media so you don't miss their posts, and don't forget to tag your own posts with #PlantSpiritChallenge. See you on May 1st!

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