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The Plant Spirit Ally Challenge is Coming May 1!

Hagstone Publishing, in collaboration with Bush Hippies, is excited to announce the 30 Day Plant Spirit Ally Challenge, starting May 1.

There are many herbal ally challenges out there, and we love them all. But we wanted to design a challenge that focused as much on the magical and spiritual aspects of herbcraft as on the medicinal ones. So we created the Plant Spirit Ally Challenge to encourage you to learn how to bring a plant ally into your spiritual and magical practice as well as into your apothecary. In our experience all these facets of a plant’s personality merge with one another anyway, so it makes sense to explore them simultaneously. During the course of the challenge you’ll be encouraged to meditate, dream, create, and heal with your ally. The challenge is free and all are welcome to participate.

On April 15 we’ll release the official guide to the challenge, with a list of each day’s activity, plus resources to help and inspire you as you follow along. Releasing the list a few weeks ahead of time will give you the opportunity to read through the activities and acquire any supplies you might need - but don’t worry if money is tight, because we’ve designed the challenge to require very few supplies, and we’ll be pointing you toward a number of free resources during the challenge.

In addition to the free guide, throughout the month there will be special blog and social media post to help and inspire you. We’ll update the Plant Spirit Challenge page with links as posts go live.

There are two ways to be part of the challenge.

One: as a participant. For us, the most important thing about this challenge is getting you to engage with the plants in your local environment. So we hope many of you will choose a plant spirit ally to work with throughout the month of May, and do as many of the activities as you can. We also hope you’ll post about the challenge on social media, and mark your posts with #PlantSpiritChallenge so other participants can find you, and so we can all learn together.

Two: as a co-host. If you have a blog or page dedicated to magic, nature spirituality, and/or herbs and would like to write a more in-depth post to help and inspire participants, please contact us by April 10 and we’ll send you details on how you can be part of the challenge.

If you have any questions before the challenge guide is released in mid-April, feel free to use the contact form to get in touch. We hope you’ll join us!

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