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True Heart is Here

Introducing the True Heart Knitted Ornament and Cat Toy.

This cleverly constructed little heart measures approximately 3 ¼” at its widest point and 2 ¾” in height. It's knit in the round on DPNs, though one of our test knitters easily adapted to knitting it on two circulars.

True Heart was a collaboration between your intrepid publisher and my good friend Martha. We spent a bleak winter together knitting in front of a wood stove, drinking too much tea and bemoaning life's difficulty. Martha invented these hearts during those dark days, and I helped tweak the pattern here and there until we felt it was ready to share with you all.

The result is a quick knit, perfect to use up small amounts of leftover yarn - or to allow you to splurge on something really decadent without breaking the bank.

The most entertaining use of the True Heart is as a cat toy. It's just the right size for those little paws: but if you knit hearts for your furry friends, use a very tough wool yarn, and be sure to stuff the heart with something pet-friendly. Over time your kitties WILL succeed in shredding the heart.

The True Heart also makes a wonderful sachet, stuffed with lavender, cedar chips, or any other moth-repellant herb. You could make a set for a fiber-loving friend to protect her yarn stash.

Required skills are increasing, decreasing, and knitting in the round. Learning a figure 8 cast-on will greatly improve both the ease of the project and the look of the finished heart, but you can use another method if you can't conquer the figure 8.

True heart is available in our shop, on Etsy, and on Ravelry.

I love that this whimsical, sweet little pattern came out of such a fraught time: the experience is a beautiful example of the healing power of the creative arts. It also seems appropriate that the True Heart is a collaboration between dear friends. We hope you'll enjoy knitting it as much as we have.

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